Brass nail

Brass is sometimes called yellow copper, because its made of copper and zinc. Its a noble metal, used in many fields. To meet the needs of everybody, we manufacture both plain brass nails and brass coated steel nails.

Little brass nails are often used in furnishing. They can have a flat head, round head or diamond shaped head.

Bigger brass nails, made with a 4.4 mm wide wire are used in the restoration of stone buildings. Nailed in the stone and linked by brass wire, they make a strong structure to apply a coating.

In shoemaking, brass nails are used in luxury goods and made to measure shoes. Those shoemakers prefer brass to steel because it is upscale, thanks to its composition with copper.
Shoemakers use both brass tacks and brass cone head nails.

Brass is very liked for its golden color. It is used in decoration, with upsholstery decorative nails for exemple.

The tinest brass nails are also used in models.

Our main brass nails:

  • Flat head nail, diameter 1.5 to 4.4mm, length 16 to 60mm.
  • Round head nail, diameter 1.1 to 2.7mm, length 8 to 60 mm.
  • Lost head nail, diameter 1.5 and 1.8mm, length 18 and 20mm.
  • Miniature nail, diameter from 0.6mm, length from 6mm.
  • Cone head nail
  • Diamond shaped head nail
  • Forged nail
  • Forged tack

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These are our main brass nails. If you seek any other nail, please contact our commercial department.