Copper nail

Beside gold, copper is the only plain metal to be naturally colored. This particularity gives him a great value and copper nails are often used in upscale goods.

To match the needs of everybody, we make both plain copper nails and copper coated steel nails.

Copper nails are used in upholstery in the form of forged tacks, cut tacks and decorative nails.

For the building or restoration of hictoric monuments or old houses, we make copper forged nail. With their extra large head, they are ideal to decorate wooden doors and shutters.

Our main copper nails :

  • Forged tack for upholstery
  • Cut tack for upholstery
  • Upholstery decorative nail (plain or coated)
  • Lost head nail (coated) for shoemaking
  • Miniature nail for models (diameter 0.5 mm, length 6mm: the smallest nail we make!)
  • Round head nail
  • Flat head nail
  • Forged nail, extra large head (round or diamond shaped)

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These are our main copper nails. If you seek any other nail, please contact our commercial department.