RIVIERRE Forged nails for shipbuildingForged galvanized nails and copper tacks for boat restoration

Old sailing ships -whether war ships or merchant ships- provide a glimpse into history. They sailed across the oceans and remind us of a bygone era but many still exist and they are restored to preserve our heritage and to keep them in good condition for occasional use.

We have supplied  forged  nails used in wooden shipbuilding and restoration for many years.

Special attention is given to manufacturing these large square and long forged nails and the final galvanizing provides them with the sought-after roughness that will make them look hand-made.

Our standard forged nails are hot-dip galvanized, which ensures a corrosion protective coating of at least 70 microns and increases the lifetime of our products.

Our range includes square cut nails

* rosehead square shank nails (rosehead square shank spikes) which have a four-sided head

* flat countersunk head nails (countersunk head spikes)

Due to the roughness of our nails, excellent holding power and pull-out resistance is achieved.

These forged nails are also used in the building of pontoons and floating bridges.

Their diamond-shaped head makes them perfect for restoring and studding large outside doors.