Carpentry and framework

RIVIERRE forged nails for carpentry and frameworkForged nails for traditional flooring and for restoration

When renovating their house, people aim at retaining its authenticity and preserving the identity and atmosphere of old buildings. Our forged nails are widely used for the restoration of historic monuments.

Our Marinier and Sapin forged nails, with their diamond-shaped head (rosehead), provide the best fixing solution and the decor element at the same time whether for reviving old doors, old shutters or renovating an old traditional flooring.

We can supply polished steel forged nails as well as blued steel or rustic iron finish.

We forge these nails to give them a square shank so that the pull-out resistance and holding power is increased. The irregular shape of the head emphasizes the hand-made aspect of the product and gives an excellent decorative touch.

The length of the most common forged nails we make vary from 30 to 120MM. The head diameter varies between 12 and 16MM.

The SAPIN forged nails have a thinner shank than the MARINIER forged nails and the head diameter is a little smaller.

Our forged nails are widely used in the renovation of wooden doors and shutters and this type of fixing ensures authenticity is maintained.