Tacks and nails for the shoe industry

RIVIERRE : nails for the shoe businessShoemaking tack was the first type of nail produced in the nail factory Rivierre in 1888. At that time, Theodore Rivierre used a revolutionary new method, using a wire instead of a sheet of metal.

Today, with the original XIXth century machines, we keep producing those tacks, known all over the world for their quality.
Shoemakers use them both for manufacturing and repairing nails.

Our products can be found in most shoe supplies stores in France. We also export our shoe tacks and shoe nails to many countries : you can send us your request by mail.

Our main shoemaking nails:

  • Steel forged tack: from 8 to 26mm
  • Blued steel forged tack: from 8 to 26mm
  • Brass forged tack: from 10 to 16mm
  • Lost head nail in brass or steel coated with copper: from 14 to 35mm
  • Buttress heel nail in plain steel or tempered steel: from 14 to 26mm
  • Cone head nail in brass or tempered steel

We also sell various shoemaking hammers.

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These are our main shoemaking nails. If you seek any other nail, please contact our commercial department. We can also make bespoke nails according to your specifications.