Stainless steel nail

Theodore Rivierre had never heard of it in 1888, but today stainless steel can’t be ignored. It is corrosion-resistant, which is a quality sought by many industries.

We work with 304 and 316 stainless steels. 304 is the most widely used while 316 as an increased resistance to corrosion and is often used in marine environments.

Stainless steel nails are used in the building of boats, but also in the culture of shellfishes as mussels.
Specific stainless steel nails, with no head and two tips are used in tonnel making, to assemblate wooden pieces.

Annular nails and twisted nails are ideal for wood construction. They are both resistant to corrosion and hard to pull off.

Our main stainless steel nails:

  • Annular nail
  • Twisted nail
  • Double tip nail
  • Lost head nail
  • Flat head nail

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These are our main stainless steel nails. If you seek any other nail, please contact our commercial department.