Steel nail

Since 1888, steel nails are made in the nail factory Rivierre. Today, we can make almost any nail in this metal.

To match your needs, whatever your speciality is, we manufacture different sorts of steel.

Plain steel nails and polished steel nails can be used in shoemaking (steel tack) or for the building and restoration of historic monuments and old houses (steel forged nail).

Galvanized steel nails are mainly used in the building or restoration of old wooden boats (CARVELLE forged nail). The galvanization strengthen the nails and make them very hard to pull off.

Blued steel nails are very liked in the upholstery industry (blued steel cut tack and blued steel forged tack). We fire the nails for a few minutes after they are made, which gives them beautiful blue sheens and cleans them from dust.
Bleud steel nails are also used in the building or restoration of old houses (MARINIER forged nail).

Tempered steel nails are very strong and can bu used in many fields. They can be simple nails (cone head nail for exemple) or annular nails (buttress heel nail for exemple).

Many finishing touches can be added to steel nails as coatings (zinc coating, nickel coating, copper coating, brass coating, etc.) or coloring (black, rust-like, ancient gold-like, etc).

Our main steel nails :

  • Forged nail: polished steel, blued steel, galvanized steel, rust-like steel, black steel, etc. Round head, diamond shaped head, hammered head, etc. Length from 23 to 200 mm
  • Carvelle forged nail, plain steel or galvanized steel
  • Forged tack for shoemaking, polished or blued steel, 8 to 26mm
  • Annular nail for shoemaking (buttress heel nail), plain or tempered steel
  • Cone head nail for shoemaking
  • Forged tack for upholstery, blued steel, 5 to 40 mm
  • Cut tack for upholstery, blued steel
  • U nail for upsholtery
  • Upholstery decorative nail, steel coated with copper, brass, nickel, etc.
  • Twisted nail, flat head, for wood construction, from 30 to 180 mm
  • Miniature nail for models, flat head or round head

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These are our main steel nails. If you seek any other nail, please contact our commercial department.