Tacks and nails for upholstery

RIVIERRE : Upholstery nailsUpholstery is one of the oldest market of Rivierre Company and we have developed a long standing business relationship with our customers. Some of them have been buying our nails forabout a hundred years.

We have a presence in the British market and our upholstery tacks are distributed by the major suppliers of upholstery materials.

Our main upholstery nails:

  • Blued steel forged tack: from 5 to 40mm.
  • Copper forged tack: from 9 to 35mm.
  • Blued steel cut tack (fine or improved): from 5 to 30mm.
  • Decorative nail coated with brass, copper, nickel, etc.
  • U-nail: from 14 to 25mm

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These are our main upholstery nails. If you seek any other nail, please contact our commercial department.